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  3. orange is the new black is so good i cant actually cope


  4. going to beacons and jaberwocky :D :D

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    To the wonderful human being who brought the giant Este bassface to Coachella, we bow to you.

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    'The Find' by @johncaseyart #beacons #oaklandart #oaklandartists #art #painting

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    I will always reblog this.

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  8. fuck that Claire Margaret Macdonald story broke my little heart. thank god she is out of prison. fuck. imagine being in a relationship that. holy shit. so sad. 


  9. "Seeking what is true is not seeking what is desirable."
    — Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays (via quotes-shape-us)

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  11. "Our love is the size of these tumours inside us
    Our love is the size of this hospital room
    You’re my hospital groom

    Put the ring on my finger, so tight it turns blue
    A constant reminder I’ll die in this room 
    If you die in this room

    Sit like a watchdog and patiently wait
    Listen for footsteps down the hallways 
    Visit beds like they’re graves

    Days go by so slowly
    Nights go by so slowly
    In a hospital room
    In a box built for two

    I fight for air, fight for my own air
    Forget all the things I can do alone
    I fight for a heart. I fight for a strong heart
    I fight to never know this sickness you know
    But I know its my own, I gave it a home

    Our love is the size of these tumours inside us
    Our love is the size of this hole in the ground
    Where my heart’s buried now”

    Sleater kinney

    so fucking sad.

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    The artist says: ‘Available on the webstore : www.ebola.be - All profits will be donated to a charity of land that will help Palestinian children and their families who are in need!’

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    Gaza Mural in Belfast , Northern Ireland.

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    Love these girls, missing uni a lot