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    Free Palestine

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  3. "Eventually the young woman realizes how often it is in her self-interest to make herself desirable. She learns how to arrange herself to generate a kind of reaction. As children learn behaviors by example, so does she learn sexy from the mirror. Media provides the perfect surface (charmed, shiny, sleek) from which she can articulate her reflection.

    Narcissus is a teenage girl. No other figure loves her; she loves herself to fill the difference. She watches herself constantly: in the darkened windows of cafés and storefronts and the silvered glass in her bathroom. Alone she pouts, minces, tosses her hair, shapes her face for every angle. She knows her good side. She knows how to move her mouth. She generates self-awareness as the world becomes aware of her."
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    Take 5 minutes out of your morning/night to educate yourself on this young man LL. The brother was LYNCHED. “Crackertown”, North Carolina. Been gone since the morning of Aug. 29th. Day of his first football game of his senior year. All that hard work in the summer for nothin’. #JusticeForLennonLacy


    So he was found hanging, the morning of his first big game that he had been preparing for all year, wearing somebody else’s shoes, with his brand new shoes missing. he had a white girlfriend, openly racist neighbours, confederate flags everywhere, marks on his face indicating he was in a fight just minutes before..

     Lynching is still a thing in 2014 

    Still major news don’t talk about this 

    We still live in a world where black lives still don’t matter

    Rest in peace young man 

    Sorry we failed 

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  5. im so sad i want to vanish

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    HYVÄ KÄYTÖS, Luuta (Broom), Iiu Susiraja.

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  11. Anonymous said: how can you call yourself a feminist but then drool over a boy?


    babe i can fight the patriarchy and ride a dick those things are not mutually exclusive



  13. so a few days a go i recorded a song and put it on here, i removed because i got no responses and i think that spoke more loudly than anything. In the song i sang about how i am a rape survivor. its took me years to admit it- i genuinely blamed myself and im processing it still. it’s fucking shocking the lack of support and solidarity for those who have been raped. me telling people about it shouldn’t be dismissed as “attention seeking”. Infact, I share because I care and I want others to support me and for me to support them. recently ive been reading a lot of stuff in the media about women who have came out and said they were raped and the responses are fucking disgusting. I will not shy away from that type of narrow minded bullying. I’m a survivor not a victim and my story will not be silenced. 


  14. "whoever did this must have been on so many drugs"
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    Protesters carry a mirrored coffin. 

    Saturday, October 11th

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